Unlabeled: Keri

Unlabeled: Keri

Client: Diet Coke
Agency: Anomaly
Director Gillian Laub
Location: Atlanta

Gillian was approached by Anomaly to direct a series of short films about people who have been ‘labeled’ throughout their live for various reasons.

Diet Coke have introduced label-free cans for its new campaign that challenges stereotypes and empowers individuality.

We live in a world full of label. Some labels are earned. Fought for. Demanded. Proudly owned. But then there are labels that are imposed upon us. Weapons aimed to limit. Box us in. Make us feel lesser than. But imagine a world where we aren’t limited by the way others label us,” the beverage giant says on its website. “We’re removing our own labels to start a conversation about labels.”

Changing up its own packaging is a badass move. It shows that Diet Coke is serious about the messages it’s putting out to the world.

As part of the campaign, the brand released a number of videos on social media and its website, featuring individuals fighting against stereotypes and labels, such as a transgender artist of color and a combat veteran with PTSD. The diverse stories and backgrounds of those in the films should also be lauded.

The website adds: “To hear people’s stories. To see them shine. To remove the barriers placed in the way of one’s true identity. To celebrate, not just individuality, but multidimensionality and self-expression. By removing our labels, we’re pledging to create more space. More runway. More room. More opportunity for people to be themselves. Express themselves. We pledge to use our reach. Our relationships. Our resources. To create a safe and open space for you to be you.”